Future City Inc. is a consulting company with expertise in interdisciplinary and muti-functional areas that cut across various domains of information technology, medical science, engineering, and social dynamics. We are a team of researchers, inventors, and domain experts engaged in developing and implementing high-tech projects.

To us, consulting is all about reaping the synergy of our collective intelligence, and acting in a unified manner to plan and execute projects, services, and developing products.

The cycle of innovation is an iterative process that builds on all the goodness of what exists, invent to add something new that makes it better, integrate the invented into the existing, and make it all work effectively.


Innovation to create and launch ever newer products and services that improve the quality of life, create peace, protect the environment of our planet, and help advance the human society towards a better future.


To invent newer systems and methods that help achieve a better quality of life, protect the environment and ecosystem, save lives; promote peace and harmony towards global integration. Use science and technology in the right direction to create solutions to complex problems. To create, launch, deliver, and implement projects, products, and services to the highest satisfaction of our clients and customers, and to do so in the most cost-effective, professional, and ethical manner. To understand and value the specific needs of each client, and meet those with our best efforts. To follow the industry standards and best practices in all ways possible to create value. To treat each client with utmost respect and importance.


Business and IP Consulting (Business Plans, Business Case, Proposals, Business Analysis, Enterprise Reengineering, Create Intellectual Property, Consultation to File Patents, Create Business Analysis Reports

Technology Consulting (IT, Medical Science, Engineering, Interdisciplinary): Creating Technology Reports, Executing Technology Projects from Concepts to Commissioning on a turn-key basis. 

Environment Friendly Power Generation: IP creation, File Patent, Build Prototype, Turn Key Projects, Create Environment Friendly Communities

Information Technology: Understanding client needs, pain points, business priorities, budget constraints and relate these to state of the art in technology to create roadmap and solution architecture for realizable initiatives. Areas of expertise span AI/ML, Big Data and Analytics, 5G, IoT, Cognitive Computing, Mircoservice, Service Oriented Architecture, transforming legacy applications, building software from the ground up, transforming existing applications, re-architecting, software engineering, process improvement and re-engineering, agile development, program management, and programming services.

System Dynamics: modeling complex problems for root cause analysis, and researching scope for improvement. Scope can range from social to a technical to environmental problems