The Tapestry of Change

Who We Are

The Society for Universal Oneness (SFUO), born in the verdant landscapes of North Carolina in October 2002, represents more than an organization—it is a testament to the power of collective action in fostering planetary stewardship. As a torchbearer of environmental consciousness, SFUO stands at the vanguard of uniting diverse entities—spanning businesses, governments, individuals, and fellow organizations—to weave a tapestry of transformative change. Our endeavors are sanctified by the IRS 501(c)(3) status, ensuring that every contribution furthers our shared mission and brings tax benefits to our supporters.

Vision in Focus

SFUO is the crucible where science and spirituality meld, forging solutions and systems that not only remedy the past but pave a verdant path to the future. Our vision is a mosaic of saved lives, rejuvenated ecosystems, an advanced society, and a peace that transcends boundaries—reaching the zenith of global integration and universal interdependence.

The Gift of Innovation

Innovation should be as free as the wind, as boundless as thought, and as accessible as the air we breathe. Embodying this philosophy, serves as a beacon of intellectual generosity, liberating patents from the confines of exclusivity to sow the seeds of collaborative climate healing. Here, ideas are not possessions but invitations—to build, to create, and to restore.

Our Digital Hearth

SFUO’s digital hearth,, is a repository and a showcase, a virtual roundtable where our multifaceted projects and initiatives bask in the light of sustainability’s dawn. It is our digital agora, where secondary domains such as and converge, leading visitors through our eco-centric vision materialized into concrete actions.

Mission with Precision

We are the conduits for innovation and the catalysts for action. SFUO harmonizes the brilliance of researchers, scientists, technocrats, and volunteers to manifest our vision. Excellence is our mantra, and agility is our method, ensuring that each endeavor is a stride towards our professional, competent, and cost-efficient quest for a better tomorrow.

Call to Unity

We at SFUO extend an invitation to every heart that beats for a cleaner, greener, and more serene world. Embark with us on this odyssey where every action is a ripple, converging to create waves of lasting change. Join us, and together, let’s sculpt a legacy of life, love, and legacy.

Our Arsenal of Change

From the concrete to the conceptual, our innovations are diverse yet singular in purpose. CMR Bitplast and Divine-Healer represent our crusade against environmental degradation, transforming waste into worth and health into a holistic experience. UNY and stand as testaments to our resolve in building a sustainable economy and lifestyle. Through Trusted Consultation, we dispense wisdom that nurtures growth and fosters progress.