As a member of SFUO, you are networked with a like-minded world. As an individual, you open a gateway of personal and professional opportunities. You connect with people to create projects for peace. You have a choice in the future to live in an environment of your dreams.

As a corporate member, you have a business opportunity waiting for you. These are the businesses of the world that would create a better world. We help you at every stage of the project – from concept to commissioning. You have an option to get on-board a partnership network that moves you to progress.

SFUO Membership

You can become a volunteer without any charge. To create peace on the planet and protect its environment is the responsibility of each one of us. You are invited to join the team. Just write to us indicating what you would like to do and how do you plan to contribute your efforts in this global initiative. You can form a virtual government, start a new project or launch an initiative that can be local to global in reach. Even sky is not the limit.

To become a member of SFUO, individuals need to pay an annual membership fee of $100. Corporate membership for businesses or non-profit organizations is available for an annual membership fee of $500. Following are some of the options that are available to individual and corporate members:

futurecity options: Build my home or educate my child in a city of the future or a global village

The build my home option entitles all SFUO members to opt for building their next home at futurecity or one of its global villages. For payments as low as $100 a month, you can start building a future of your dreams. It is like putting aside a few dollars every day for securing a future. These payments are over and above your SFUO membership fees. You can opt to put in any amount of money in multiples of $100, with the minimum monthly payment of $100. Each $100 payment buys you a unit. Higher number of units are required for a brick and mortar type structure, whereas a single unit would get in at multiple options varying from shared tiny homes to tent / hammock and tree homes.

The educate my child option buys a slot for your child at an international educational institute, for monthly contributions of $100 saved over a period of time. At the end of every five-year period, you have an option to either withdraw all the money you have put in or to continue. This can depend on your circumstances at that moment. The money that you put in is used to build cities of the future, global villages, and institutes. If you withdraw your installment money, you are not taxed on it at that point of time since it is like returning what you have paid after your taxed earnings. Please note that SFUO membership fees of $100 per year are non-refundable.

This is how it works: you pay $100 per year for SFUO membership and $400 per month for five years. At the end of five years, you want to opt out. You would be refunded $ 24,000 as that is what you paid towards installments over a five-year period. The amount of $500 that you paid over a five-year period towards SFUO membership is non-refundable. If you continue in the program and if at any time you are unable to make payments, you can pick from a variety of options. These options may include your acceptance of a choice for what is available within your affordable reach or take your money back after every block of a five-year period. The money that you pay is building infrastructure and housing in an environment friendly manner within a peaceful and serene setting to provide you a lifestyle of the future at a mega-city or a global village. The choice offered can also be a life-time retirement option at one of the global villages or a futurecity. It can also be a spot for getting your child a professional graduation program.

Annual membership fee of $100 for individuals provides them with a UIN (Universal Identification Number) and an opportunity to network with the world of like-minded people for professional, personal and social interests globally. You and your family may have the opportunity to travel abroad under the family exchange program. You may be living at a futurecity or one of its global villages. Or you may be a student at one of the world-class institutes and researching into a futuristic area of science or technology. You may be contributing by whatever way you can, towards an objective of creating a better world with several other like-minded people, fulfilling the vision of your life. Possibilities are endless.

Corporate membership fee of $500 for business enterprises or non-profit organizations entitles them to instantly reap the synergy of an integrated technology and opportunity platform in a connected world. You can become a business affiliate of futurecity Inc. and be entitled in a mega-project that aims at constructing cities of the future. You may be a business entrepreneur who is engaged in pioneering a technology with assistance from futurecity. Bringing to you a vast network and resource pool of talent, intellect, expertise and skill set, futurecity helps you to conceptualize, research and develop. The experts at futurecity enable you through the patenting process and now you are engaged in commercializing this venture, bringing rewards of this global effort to the world. The common objective is to create peace and make a better world. With the synergy of cooperation, we are jointly engaged in the process of creating opportunities.

If you are interested in obtaining a residence for yourself, your family or friends or customers at futurecity, please write to:

Society for Universal Oneness and futurecity Inc.
100 Saint Ayers Way,
Chapel Hill, NC 27517-2362, USA

E-Mail:  [email protected]