Pandemic - Connector of Humanity

As the world struggled with pandemic, the core hypothesis of ‘1 World: 1 Nation’ suddenly became so relevant overnight. It connected us and became a global unifier, bringing everyone together. As a wakeup call, it is asking us to reimagine life, and challenge the status quo of everything. It has succeeded in changing everything forever, and prompts a repurpose of the economy, reskill freed up human talent, and redeploy the resources to create interdependent living communities. Self-contained and self-sufficient communities can achieve a negative footprint and participate in cocreating an interconnected global economy enabled by the hybrid cloud and edge computing, sharing their expertise and experience. A united world would deal with pandemic differently, being honest and upfront to its citizens, using state of the art in technology to examine historic trends and determine the course of action that produces quick measurable results to control it effectively before it spreads. Leveraging the collective brain power of global research institutes and volunteers, we can engage everyone in measures to build strong immunity. Mother Nature would make yet another call if we ignore warning signals and look the other way. Cybernetic laws of how the universe operates would come back to haunt us if we keep going the same beaten path. Today, we want the latest smart device that technology can bring us. Living with outdated structures of economy and once needed human inventions of money, religion, stocks, bonds, government, industry, business, housing, living, education, and working the way we have been used to is like standing in the queue at telegraph office to send a telegram, when we have the option to make a free WhatsApp call – this is exactly what we need to understand and start reimagining life across all its spheres. Let me and you be that one person who can change the world through our individual and collective actions. Now is the time to realize that planet can’t take any more burden of an increasing population, abuse of resources, pollution, greed, disparity, and neglect. This book is a realizable action plan in which all can participate to make a difference.

One World One Nation

Rising above the self, we all have concerns about the issues of climate change, gun violence, terrorism, threat of wars and nuclear attacks, hunger and poverty. These concerns bring us together to create an action plan and work on it. This book is that action plan and reflects thoughts and aspirations of the collective consciousness of humanity to shape the initiatives and join hands to achieve results. From signing the ‘declaration of interdependence,’ to ‘forming a virtual government,’ to enabling a unified world and protecting the environment of our planet, we can all come together to create permanent peace and live in harmony with entire existence. Please participate in the essay contest ‘A day in the life of President of the United World’ and share your views. This book is dedicated to Barbara Thiele.

September 11: A Wake Up Call

‘September 11: A Wake Up Call – scientific analysis of the problem and suggested solutions’ A cry from the heart of humanity in exploration of the reason as to why this happened, and what can we do to prevent it from happening in the future. The only one that will move your heart and touch your soul – that’s a promise. Author of the Year Award by IEEE.

Face to Face with Shiva

‘Face to Face with Shiva – scientific perspective of a spiritual experience’ This book brings to life the experience of being face to face with Lord Shiva, and the ongoing dialog. Lord Shiva answers all the questions to which we have been seeking a response since times immemorial in a straight forward and simple, easy to understand manner. Site pictures contributed through the lens of Rohan Geet Gupta.

Strategic Balancing using Factual Data

In today’s dynamically changing market environment and sudden shifts in customer tastes and preferences, businesses need to make sure that there is a real demand for the products and services they plan to offer. Disruptors can unseat well established positions in no time. What really matters to stay in and grow a business is the ability to get the relevant data based on facts in a timely manner and analyze it quickly to keep on reinventing the enterprise and rebalancing all aspects. Agile enterprises can foresee opportunities and plan next best move.

Data driven AI

Stability is no more for granted – it was a luxury of the past. Advances in technology led by ubiquitous connectivity, concern for the climate change, increasing awareness, access to information, and integration of culture have fundamentally shifted the market dynamics. These shifts are causing disruptions and globalization at an unprecedented pace. In today’s environment, only a cognitive enterprise can thrive. The one that is agile enough to learn from its mistakes and self-corrects itself. The one that intelligently interacts with its clients, customers, and their environment in a manner that it adapts to exactly what they need and delivers it to their delight, paying particular attention to specific requirements of each one of them individually. The next generation platform to support a cognitive enterprise must have the customer at its center and be focused on meeting their needs. As their needs change, the platform must enable the cognitive enterprise to reinvent itself. This reinvention must ripple through the entire organization across people, culture, technology, skills and processes, to quickly renew and readjust. Innovative adaptation must be engineered into very foundation of the enterprise itself as well as into enabling platform, with mechanisms of flexibility to auto-scale across a multitude of dimensions. This book is currently under preparation and when ready, would be available at amazon

Respect – Bring Our Compassion Together To Heal Mother Earth

This book in the making challenges some of the fundamental beliefs about matter and the theory of perceiving it as non-living. Considering all existence to be a combination in various forms of consciousness, energy, and knowledge, the hypothesis builds on the need to respect everything. A change in perception to consider depleting resources of the planet as objects of respect would limit their use and lead to preserving them for future generations of humanity. Creating a base of respect for the self, everyone, and everything, one can see the struggles at different levels of existence and how our simulated realities shape our perceptions. Once perceptions are shattered, breaking the loop of past driven future, we can make a fresh start. Negative footprint is possible, with the here and now of technology, and we can collectively make it happen – to leave the planet cleaner and greener than what it was when we arrived here.
Mother Earth has been stripped of its nutrition from the soil crust, icecaps from the glaciers and mountains, and being polluted to the verge of no return, in the name of perceived human progress and development. Time is now to take immediate action, before we push it over to the point of irreversible damage, beyond which no actions would be sufficient to bring the planet back to support life in the same way that we have been used to seeing and experiencing over the millenniums. This is the collective responsibility of humanity, of each one of us, to do whatever we can in all ways possible to reverse the damage and make the planet thrive.
Our very own life and the future of our generations is entirely dependent on our actions today. Tomorrow is too late to act. This book lays down a step-by-step action plan on what each one of us can do now to reverse that damage – as an individual, a family, a community, a state, nation, and collectively as humanity, a business, organization, or enterprise.
While some small actions may not appear to be making a significant impact, such as an individual avoiding travel, or turning off air-conditioning or a light, we must realize that every single drop is required to fill an ocean. While we keep planning for and executing initiatives with larger impacts, in the here and now of life, everything we can do to enrich the soil and lessen the burden on planet, is a step in the right direction.
From becoming a vegetarian, to cultivating organic farming even within a room, on a balcony, in the backyard; walking, biking, or taking public transport instead of driving; planting vegetation and trees on all lands available, compost and recycle everything, to a creative mindset that keeps inventing new ways to reverse the damage, learning and practicing to do with less, there is a lot that each one of us can and must do. ​