A Unique Approach to Carbon Offsetting
Global Village @ Tree Homes offers a distinct carbon offset program that allows contributors to see, touch, feel, live, breathe, eat, and accurately track the impact of their investment. Unlike traditional carbon offsets with limited traceability, this program provides a tangible connection to your contribution towards fighting climate change.

Trackable Tree Plantation with Tree Identification Number (TIN)
Each tree planted through carbon offset funds is given a unique Tree Identification Number (TIN), enabling precise tracking of the tree’s growth, health, and contribution to the environment. Information such as plantation date, location coordinates, species, and annual health parameters are meticulously recorded, along with the tree’s fruit-bearing status and distribution.

Personal and Organizational Engagement
Participants are encouraged to personally engage with their tree’s journey, including naming trees in memory of loved ones or for organizational recognition. In the event a tree is lost due to natural or anthropogenic reasons, an alternate tree is planted, ensuring the continuity of your contribution.

Real-time Environmental Impact Measurement
The program includes an ‘Oxy meter’ feature to quantify the oxygen contribution of each tree, offering a clear view of how your investment improves air quality and supports life on Earth. Additionally, IoT sensors are planned for installation in larger tree farms to enhance monitoring and data collection.

Expanding the Network and Living Experience
Global Village is actively expanding its tree asset inventory and network, inviting more participants to contribute to this green initiative. The program also offers unique living experiences within tree homes, allowing contributors and their organizations to immerse themselves in nature. Living credits, based on the level of offset investment, can be used by employees or gifted, serving as incentives, rewards, or gestures of appreciation.

Customizable Carbon Offset Solutions
Global Village @ Tree Homes is committed to providing customized carbon offset solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization. By participating in this program, you not only contribute to combating climate change but also gain a direct, meaningful connection to your environmental impact.

For more information or to design a carbon offset program for your organization, contact [email protected]. Join us in making a tangible difference for our planet and future generations.