Zero Patent: Pioneering Open Collaboration for Environmental Innovation

Uniting Against Climate Change
In the face of climate change, the most pressing challenge of our time, Zero Patent calls for a unified action beyond personal or organizational interests. It encourages the sharing of intellectual property (IP), ideas, patents, and creativity to co-invent sustainable living solutions, infrastructure, and products that aim for a net negative environmental footprint. This collaborative effort seeks to repair the damage inflicted on our planet over the past century.

Open Source of Intellectual Property
Zero Patent aims to be the open-source platform for IP, functioning as a communal space where patents, ideas, and innovations can freely be shared for the greater good of humanity. It advocates for making issued, filed, or even unfiled patents available for further research, development, and implementation, all while retaining the original authors’ rights.

Ethical Collaboration and Trust
The platform is built on ethical discipline and mutual trust, promoting a system where researchers, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs can collaborate globally. By sharing resources and ideas, Zero Patent facilitates an ecosystem of co-creation that aspires to leave the Earth in a better state than we found it—cleaner, greener, healthier, and more vibrant.

Call for Contributions
Zero Patent invites individuals and entities to share their innovations and patents, issued or in development, that contribute positively to the planet and humanity. By submitting IP to [email protected], contributors can join a movement dedicated to creating a sustainable future through open collaboration.

Overcoming Traditional Patent Limitations
Recognizing the flaws in the traditional patent process, which is often costly, time-consuming, and counterproductive to co-creation, Zero Patent offers an alternative. It seeks to bypass the competitive nature of conventional patenting by encouraging an open, collaborative model that fosters innovation for the planet’s benefit.

Empowering Global Collaboration
Zero Patent is not just a platform but a mission to bring together diverse efforts from academia, industry, volunteers, and business enterprises in a model of collaborative entrepreneurship. It’s about turning shared ideas into commercial successes that benefit humanity and the environment, making them accessible and affordable for all.

In essence, Zero Patent embodies the spirit of collective action and open innovation, serving as a beacon for those dedicated to making a tangible, positive impact on the world and reversing the course of climate change.


  • Environment-friendly power generation, sustainability, the welfare of humanity
  • Altruistic gamification to promote sustainability
  • Research and development in sustainable living, soil enrichment, creating future homes
  • Integrated living communities
  • Eradication of terrorism, child abduction, and keeping troops safe (UIN) Patient Safety
  • Explore existing IP to create a prototype and take development to the next level
  • Tapping atmospheric cold to generate environment-friendly power
  • Multi-lens solar turbine to generate environment-friendly power
  • Keeping patients safe in hospital, patient tracking, monitoring, and rescue
  • Universal identity verification system (UIN)